Transparency in Claims Act

Every person harmed by asbestos deserves to recover their claim from these serious, health-related lawsuits. But the current system is draining finite resources from future victims – without transparency, they will be left with nothing.

A recent court ruling has increased the number of victims eligible to file claims for asbestos exposure, but current practices mean some victims may never see a penny.

Some lawyers deliberately misrepresent facts and abuse confidentiality trust rules, allowing them to file two claims for every injury to garner larger fees —claiming in each suit that it was the only time/place a client was exposed to asbestos.

AB 1056 protects the rights of those harmed by exposure to asbestos and related products, while bringing transparency to double-dipping and inconsistent claims between trusts and courts.

California is a leader in disclosure and transparency laws. At the same time more and more cases are being filed in California that game the claims and overburdened court systems.

We must protect asbestos trust funds to ensure they are available for all victims, not simply to lawyers who deliberately game the system.


Yes on AB 1056